Saturday, March 12, 2011

Awol Christians teaser

AWOL military personnel are no longer acting in accordance with the prime directive of their branch of the military. They are not in good standing with their commanders and have forfeited the rights and privileges of their rank and position in that branch of service. They are Absent WithOut Leave.

As soldiers in the army of Christ, we too have a prime directive. As with military personnel, if we Christians neglect the commands of our Leader and do not act in accordance with the prime directive to love one another, we can no longer be considered in good standing with our Commander, Father God. We forfeit rights and privileges promised us in the covenant God made with man. We then are considered AWOL as Christians (Acting WithOut Love).

Let A.W.O.L. Christians help you explore the agape love of God and guide you to the "love walk" God desires and expects.

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