Tuesday, June 14, 2011

God notices how we treat others

God speaks:

"[your name], you bring your full presence and attention to certain members of the community but offer diminished presence to others. Those who have stature, wealth, and charisma, those you find interesting or charming or pretty or famous command your undivided attention, but people you consider plain or dowdy, those of lesser rank performing menial tasks, the unsung and uncelebrated are not treated with the same regard. This is no minor matter to me, [your name]. The way you are with others every day, regardless of their stature, is the true test of faith."
(from Abba's Child by Brennan Manning)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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Monday, June 6, 2011

WBEX radio interview 6/6/2011

When I decided to try my hand at authoring books, I went through all the typical feelings of inadequacy: Lord, I am not qualified, uncertainty: Lord, is this really your idea or just one of my foolish whims?, and disbelief: Lord, why would anyone read something I wrote?.

I have been ingesting many parts of the Word as well as the teachings of many anointed men and women of God in recent years. I have found God speaking to me as I studied, “See, now there’s an idea you need to incorporate into your new teaching.” It seems to be stronger now than ever. Each week there is something new that speaks to my spirit as an application to the lives of believers and nonbelievers, to the adults and to the youth of America.

I am following what I believe is God's plan for me at this time.There is a plan for each of us. Some have a special anointing to become doctors, others may be anointed to work in industry and develop new technologies. You may be one who has been blessed with an anointing to cook, or play music, or build houses. Perhaps your anointing is to preach the Gospel. Wherever our talents lie, I am firm in my beliefs that God can use those talents in extraordinary ways, if only we will let Him. We often shy away from a task or direction in life because we feel that we are not adept at whatever is involved in making that move. If it is something that brings us out of our comfort zone, we tend to balk, and often just what we need is to get out of that comfort zone and press forward. God can do marvelous things with someone, not just because they are qualified in a certain area, but simply because they are available and willing.

I'll be the first to admit that I am no expert in theology. I can only teach what I've been taught and found to be true.

I cannot help but think of the quote from William Wilberforce’s Introduction to his book Real Christianity:

"Someone will undoubtedly make the objection that because I am not a theologian, I am really not qualified to address this subject. If I need to defend myself against such objection…I think it should be good enough to point out that all of us have the obligation to do whatever we are able to do to promote the welfare of our fellowman."

I am always open to feedback from anyone who might care to read my work.

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